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dostsei's activity

LOL. Why you are so mad? It's my opinion dude.

Article 1/8/16, 2:00 PM

Ganito nalang. Dahil sinabi mo nga Mineski, sige, dami na naprove ng Mineski after sa Majors. Naka Summit sila. Early exit lang dahil wala si Jay. Tapos ung SEA teams sa WCA na Xctn, TNC, Fnatic, MVP.P , slump lang ung SEA pero naka upset ang TNC sa CDEC. Mineski sa MDL. Di pa ba sapat yan sa Valve na di yan mapansin? Kaya nga walang SEA na maiinvite sa malalaking tournaments na sponsored ng Valve dahil dines-regard nila lagi ang SEA.

Article 1/1/16, 1:45 PM

Come on! Why compare Mineski with Liquid? Coz i'm a Filipino? Try comparing Liquid with other EU teams. What i'm just trying to say that Valve should at least reconsider inviting a SEA team. I'm not saying Mineski tho. I'm generalizing it. Most of SEA teams are improving.

Article 1/1/16, 1:29 PM

LOL Mineski again? Is Mineski only team in SEA? Come on man. Kababayan pa naman tayo. Sana alam mo yung galawan sa PH at SEA scene.

Article 1/1/16, 1:27 PM

I just feel that a team from SEA should be invited. At least 1 spot.

Article 1/1/16, 1:26 PM

It's just sad on SEA community. Well anyway, qualifiers are on the way. GL to them.

Article 1/1/16, 1:23 PM

Well, you are right. Like, we all know why SEA teams are not so good with other regions, right? Mainly because of lack of tournaments. Most of the tournaments after majors are mostly from China, EU and US, right? And SEA? You know a SEA tournament after Fall Majors that showcase SEA teams? If you get my point tho. Someone here commented that i'm flaming coz a Pinoy team didn't invite. Because I say that i'm not satisfied because Mineski didn't invite? That's plain bullshit. You even saw in live games how Mineski and other SEA teams improve.

Article 1/1/16, 1:21 PM

Not satisfied with the invites. Tsk. I think a SEA team deserves an invite too. This is bully already. I think SEA stepped up a lot after majors. Sadly they will prove again in the qualifiers.

Article 12/31/15, 10:23 AM
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