• Name Jim Agos
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Oct 29, 1981
  • Primary game Dota 2
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Article 5/12/17, 9:34 AM

All contests, betting or raffle are legit in Gosugamers. Do not talk about scam when you don't have proof. It makes Gosu less credible. Been a winner in one of their contest and I received my prize for that contest.

Article 5/9/17, 4:05 PM

Got mine today. Tax payed at customs which is 30% of the items price. Thank you Gosugamers and Roccat

Page 9/26/16, 1:11 PM

Update admin please...

Page 9/25/16, 2:42 PM

Has anyone received the Roccat prize for July gosubet competition? I haven't received mine yet. It's been 6weeks 2days to date since Nydra sent me a message for my shipping details.

Page 9/25/16, 2:41 PM

One of the admins messaged me last week and my prize has been shipped. What about you guys?

Page 8/18/16, 10:36 AM

Can't bet code error GB001. It's been two days..

Match 8/11/16, 2:12 PM

I can't put a bet. GB001 error code

Match 8/10/16, 2:55 PM
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