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  • Location Norway
  • Date of birth Oct 21, 1987
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
I am no longer a crewmember of GosuGamers, irl got the best of me, aaaargh!

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I feel so sorry for Raynor, can't have his Sarah back after all he's been through. Damn.

Article 10/23/11, 12:25 AM

[img]http://gosugamers.net/general/images/screens/skeletonking_thumb.jpg[/img] Is that an Archon? ^^

Article 10/1/11, 11:26 AM

such a lovely character

Article 9/27/11, 7:27 PM

N1 Grubby! I watched his stream earlier today - looking good!

Article 9/27/11, 12:40 PM

I think it's a bit harsh to call it delayed when it comes to any blizzard game. The same was said about StarCraft 2, but in reality they never announced a releasedate for either of the games. They have an aim, but they never officially set a date, which is why it's not really 'delayed'.

Article 9/23/11, 5:05 PM

Didn't they just launch the beta for the press etc, while the first wave of opt-in betas is just around the corner? edit; nevermind, found a source

Article 9/21/11, 11:15 AM

this was one biased piece of news....

Article 9/21/11, 7:36 AM

I think the people saying it looks like a cartoon are exaggerating. It doesn't mean it can't be dark just because of colors. I also think it's quite ballzie of Blizzard to add this much color - mastering colors in stuff like Diablo 3 is probably one of the hardest challenges for a videogame art director. And I gotta say I think it looks great, and it's still a dark feeling over it, despite the colors. So good job there Blizzard! Now, give me a freaking betakey before I break something and go irl Diablo on Gothenburg city!!!!!!!!

Blog 9/7/11, 11:37 AM
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