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Well, if you even had the slightest Idea you shouldn't think that way. The reason why Solo's incident was pardoned by Valve is because it was before the valve made the agreement with the players of not doing such misconduct. Meanwhile Arrow's incident was complete stupidity, Pre-TI they had an agreement with valve together with the other team of "Don't ever do this type of shit or you'll get a lifetime ban" Arrow then proceeds to test the Valve waters and gets hits hard. Bias? Nope, only an imbecile who uses their eyes to judge can come up with that.

Article 1/3/16, 7:51 PM

You mispelled "Zay" and "Visage-Draw" just pointing ^_^

Article 8/7/15, 3:03 PM

I didn't get a message on my gosu about a checkin T_T

Article 1/31/15, 7:16 AM

I swear to god I registered myself on this budget cup, my slot was right next to coldznap, now when I was searching in the bracket I couldn't find my name omg

Article 1/31/15, 7:14 AM

remove PR, put EG, let Alex Garfields teams fight each other for a spot on the top lol

Article 12/4/14, 2:55 PM

can anyone direct me to the page wherein I can see the "Budget Weeks" winners I'm new to the game and I just wanna study some budget decks and I'm having confusion if what I saw was the real budget deck from other people because there was a Loatheb (Legendary) so I don't think that deck was for a budget deck right?

Article 12/2/14, 12:51 PM

14:00 SGT so the tournament starts at this time right, I think that's also 2pm in the Philippines right?

Article 12/2/14, 12:48 PM

TBD too stronk

Match 11/29/14, 11:40 AM
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