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Problem with the majors is that it's detrimenting the importance of any other competition because the prizepool is nowhere close. Look at a team like OG, they onlly perform at Majors because it's the only thing that matters money wise. I think this is a good change and it makes every tournament you participate important. It will focus on stability in performances over anything thus making the scene more professional. I think it was embarassing that OG took a month off after Kiev Major and then showed up at Epicenter with no prior practice. It was simply lack of respect and professionalism.

Article 7/4/17, 8:37 PM

Sad that they get caught up in a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit but it's typical Dota players who are young, uneducated and not very intelligent. It's common knowledge that you need to settle any contract dispute before moving on to sign new contracts. This article is extremely biased though. To me ACE does protect the players but they also protect the teams, they ensure that the players have to treat the teams with respect and vice versa. If the ex-Wings players didn't start acting on their own, I'm sure they would have been able to form their own new team or join different teams. Just because Wings violated the players contract doesn't allow the players to violate their contracts as well.

Article 5/24/17, 6:25 PM

Swiss format is good, although I think seedings should be more important. Top8 should go into upper bracket and bottom 8 into lower bracket. Or do like CS:GO, where the bottom 8 is out of the tournament and then maybe do bo5s in quarter/semi/grand final?

Article 4/26/17, 9:42 AM

Na'Vi had a 2 week bootcamp in China not long ago, I don't think Alliance or OG really has been practicing since Shanghai. I don't know how serious teams will take epicenter or if they will bootcamp before it but IMO most of the tier1 teams are just waiting for the new patch and Manila before they start working hard again.

Article 4/17/16, 2:47 AM

Wouldn't put too much emphasis on these results, chinese teams are still learning to play together and OG/Alliance are mostly just participating because to stay in shape. Na'Vi have been practicing hard in this short 'offseason' while other teams have been resting. I'm still not convinced in this Na'Vi roster, the real test will IMO be Manila and the qualifiers. It's not more than 2 weeks ago they crashed and burned out of the epicenter qualifiers.

Article 4/17/16, 12:48 AM

8 teams are invited. It's not like OG has been dropping out first round of every tournament they played since Frankfurt. Only tournament that was really bad for them was DotaPit but they still met the best team in the tournament in the first game. Top3 finish at MDL, top8 at Shanghai. In my world they are the 4th best performing western team since Frankfurt after Secret, EG and Liquid and IMO there should be at least 4 direct invites for the west. Alliance's big performances came in tournaments where some of the better teams were missing/kinda offseason. Big question mark right now is CIS, who doesn't have any real contenders for a direct invite. VP has been mediocre ever since TI and as a result they changed their roster a lot, which IMO will cost them any chances they had for a direct invite. Even if they should win SL, I don't think they're gonna get invited. I would like to see the top8 from Shanghai getting direct invites, then 1 NA qual spot, 2 EU qual, 3 chinese quals and 2 SEA qual spots because it's a SEA tournament and SEA dota has really shown promise lately. I don't think any chinese team deserves a right invite, because it's all practically entirely new teams and I think China's poor performance at Shanghai should be "punished". Give them 3 qual spots for Manila and if they get at least 2 in top8, I would justify 4-5 chinese teams at TI.

Article 4/16/16, 6:26 AM

I'm not too convinced. This isn't a top tier tournament by any means and the better teams are just using this to stay in shape and the chinese teams are using it to learn to play with each other. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the results here as a new patch should be coming soon. What makes this tournament important though is the upcoming Manila Major and the invites but OG and Alliance should be secure as they were among the 8 best teams in the world at Shanghai.

Article 4/16/16, 3:02 AM

Yet he was still kicked because LaNm got tired of handling the kindergarten. I think cty is a big problem to deal with, he demands so much from his teammates. He is without a doubt a very skilled player but he also needs 4 players to cater into his needs and create space for him.

Article 4/8/16, 6:48 PM
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