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Ophiucus's activity

Quit recently because of the shitty community. It's full of baby rage kids who act all though in front of their monitor. A lot of losers whose only retort is "noob," as if being good in dota is such a big deal. Everyone thinks they're the shit. It didn't feel fun anymore because of the toxicity. Anyway, I still watch competitive since they seem to still have a semblance of civility and at least they have skill/talent unlike a lot of wannabes.

Article 10/1/15, 2:17 PM

And possibly the best 322 vs 322 match ever

Match 5/30/15, 8:04 AM

Couldnt bet on this match now as well because I still can't use the items I deposited.

Match 5/17/15, 10:08 PM

Same problem. My items have been grayed out for the last 4 hours. Tried to bet on the EG VG match but couldn't because I thought it was just delayed. But until now the website still hasn't recognized the item transfers even though it clearly already took the items from my steam inventory. Wasted opportunity to bet. Really frustrating. Please fix this.

Match 5/17/15, 10:07 PM

Hindi trash talk yan parekoy. #Realtalk lang. Hindi ko po trabaho ang mag suggest. Alam na nila yun. Tulad nga ng sabi mo sila yung "PRO" diba? So malamang mas marunong sila sa akin. Sinasabi ko lang yung disappointment ko sa nakikita kong performance nila nitong nakaraan. Hindi naman importante sa akin kung manalo o matalo. Gus2 ko lang makita na bigay nila lahat sa mga laban nila. Punto ko kung hindi mo nagegets e wala ako nakikitang improvement in the last 5 years na nagddota sila. Imbis na mag improve mas lalong pumapangit laro nila. Yun lang. Sayang tinitingala pa naman sila dati bilang pag asa natin. Sa ibang team pala makikita yung pag asa na yun. Kung ayaw mo sa comment o opinyon ko pasensya nalang opinyon ko to e.

Match 2/18/15, 5:08 PM

I applaud Rhom for being a good entrepreneur, actually providing jobs, and paving the way for Philippine ESports. Mineski cafes have grown to an extent that they have segregated roles and divisions within the organization. The team is but one facet of that organization, probably part of marketing (advertising and exposure), I'm not sure. So the CEO has a lot on his plate. I think the blame should be placed on the head of that certain division, probably the manager of the team for poor organization. Just recently they had a match against CSW in the MLG pro league qualifiers. Everyone was ready but they were late for 30 minutes and you can see Tobi was a bit annoyed. Such a mess in organizing a single team. What is the manager doing? The players should also be held accountable. This attitude is inexcusable in the corporate world, and I believe being "PRO" players, they should hold themselves to that standard. Mind you, they are being paid to do what they do. This is their work, this is the life they chose, so we expect to see professionalism from these guys. None of these bullshit excuse of being late every single match. Their performance is also quite embarrassing considering their status. Players from our country look up to them and they haven't performed to expectations. You can attribute that to the constant changing of rosters, lack of chemistry, or maybe the lack of practice, but those excuses don't really matter. People don't care about whatever shit is going on internally. People want to see results. Especially for Filipino players who have been craving to see a representative for the past 4 TIs, which never materialized. All this time we were looking for Mineski to pave the way, so you can understand the disappointment. Biro biro nga e, mag TI lang daw tayo sa dota 2 pag may dota 3 na. Nakakatawa pakinggan pero at the same time nakakadisappoint kasi alam mo kaya naman ng mga players natin e. All they need is discipline and structure. I don't really see the discipline and hunger in Mineski players nowadays. Parang hindi inspired. They need to fix that. For Rhom, he's actually already provided a lot. Provides stipends for players, a place where they can practice, and sponsors. Ang dami nya nagawa sa totoo lang. Sa lagay ng internet wala na tayo magagawa dun talagang mabagal internet natin sa Pinas d na hawak ni Rhom yun. Pero kung may magawa silang paraan like VPN para makascrim sila na less lag d ok. Pero it really all boils down to the players' dedication and drive. Lahat nasa Mineski na e. Rave nga walang sponsor. Kaya nga hanga ako makita yung mga kagaya ng Rave na umalis ng comfort zone nila. Pumunta sila ng Korea para makipagsapalaran without knowing kung saan pupunta sakripisyo nila. Malaking risk yun para lang maachieve dream nila.

Match 2/18/15, 4:59 PM

Anu naman kinalaman ko kung anu rank nila? Poblema babaw ng pag iisip nyo e. Paano gagaling ang team kung hindi kinicriticize? Ang lagi nyo dahilan "e d kayo maglaro... kayo na magaling... bida bida... e d wow." Puro ganyan comment nyo imbis na ituro nyo ang mali nila. Uu masakit minsan marinig ang totoo pero minsan kelangan sabihin e. Sa mga butthurt fans pasensya nalang.

Match 2/18/15, 6:50 AM

You can only throw if you're the better team... apparently mineski used to be a good SEA team... now they're a joke...

Match 2/13/15, 2:32 PM
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