Rooting for LGD!!! New Champion!!

Article 9/13/14, 1:03 AM

Alliance wannabe is failing too hard...

Article 9/12/14, 7:18 AM

OMG!! my rares are gone..... why VP no throw ???!!!

Article 9/12/14, 3:07 AM

Not into this MOBA.... Dota 2 still the best !!

Article 9/12/14, 3:06 AM

Good to see LAI is doing well... new blood for China!!!

Article 9/11/14, 3:26 PM

Navi too strong. Ez money !

Article 9/11/14, 3:16 AM

Is good to see SEA dota is going further with bigger prizepool !!

Article 9/10/14, 3:12 AM

As long as they dont move towards a Throw Team style would be fine...

Article 9/9/14, 4:41 PM