I cant't even view the itembets page properly. The webpage was broken....

Article 2/18/15, 7:42 AM

GG admin in wonderland...... refuse to let us bet....

Match 1/2/15, 9:52 AM

Open Bet please.... why close so early.....

Match 1/2/15, 8:42 AM

We are "3o22y" . The hidden code behind~

Article 12/17/14, 10:56 AM

I would love to vote for Cloud9, because I beliEEve ~

Article 11/15/14, 3:26 PM

wake up Gosu Admin... Close this game please... is starting now !!!!! stop fapping !!!!!!!

Match 10/4/14, 3:39 AM

Twitch is shutting down.... GG RIP Twitch

Match 9/13/14, 8:27 AM

Gucci, Cartier, Hermes, BV gaming incoming ~ Kappa !

Article 9/13/14, 1:06 AM