so Insane Gaming just got insanely afraid and forfeit the match ?? XD

Match 4/6/14, 5:24 PM

Ea'Sy win

Match 4/2/14, 3:57 PM

Ea'Sy Win ..

Match 4/1/14, 3:48 PM

Ea'Sy win for Na'Vi .. Ea'Sy Branches and Ra'Re's .. :D

Match 3/30/14, 7:07 AM

let's face it people .. Alliance can't beat Natus Vincere in a Serious match (Playoffs, Finals or GrandFinals) .. yeah sometimes [A] beats Na'Vi in a Elimination/best of 1 match but who cares? because what really counts is who will win in the end of the tournament .. and the only time [A] beat Na'Vi is in TI3 GrandFinals which is they got really lucky in Game 5 and after that .. they never beat Na'Vi again in any Bo5 matches ..

Match 3/29/14, 4:38 PM

(y) Like sir

Match 3/28/14, 6:28 PM

history will always repeat itself ..

Match 3/28/14, 6:24 PM