Finally a Dendi Storm .. Goblak should pick more mobility hero for dendi who can zip/blink in and zip/blink out of the fight like Puck, Storm, QOP .. because thats were he really excels.

Match 3/15/15, 5:14 AM

NaVi game 3 what happened?? Throws happened ..

Match 3/14/15, 7:40 PM

a moment of silence for VG Fans .. Kappa

Match 2/2/15, 11:09 AM

did you really think there is a single person who will read your whole post beside yourself?? any well congrats .. LoL

Match 2/2/15, 10:19 AM

right now NaVi's weakness is Goblak's hero .. this previous matches he's hero has no impact at all and always feeding .. I think he should stick to his Abaddon ..

Match 2/2/15, 7:15 AM

that guy is a Russian .. if you know what I mean .. LoL

Match 2/1/15, 1:55 PM

look at those red .. it makes my eyes bleed .. LoL the worse TI champion ..

Match 2/1/15, 1:52 PM

You currently have bet branches 959 on Natus Vincere Dota 2. With these percentages, you may win branches 1,420. aha .. all in .. LoL

Match 2/1/15, 1:46 PM