cant people accept mineski are just bad?

Match 5/30/14, 8:31 PM

The new tiers: Western dota , Non-Xeno Chinese (CIS, vici, DK, HGT could probably add in sea too), Xeno chinese ( IG, LGD, Newbee), pls boo Xeno chinese

Article 5/29/14, 2:00 PM

Vici arent xenophobic, rotk is pretty friendly with his western counterparts especially loda

Article 5/29/14, 1:43 PM

have any of you been to china? xenophobia is real there, even just in the airports lol

Article 5/29/14, 1:19 PM


Article 5/25/14, 11:08 AM

Ninjaboogie is actually a good player despite being in an environment full of trash

Article 5/25/14, 11:05 AM

china goverment recognises nothing. Kappa

Article 5/24/14, 1:33 PM

Its pretty big for an asian country that isnt south korea or china to recognise esports

Article 5/22/14, 4:18 PM