• Name Francisco Javier
  • Location Mexico
  • Date of birth Nov 16, 1989
  • Primary game StarCraft

F1rstAssau1t's activity

No hatin on SC2, but sadly it is not even close to the glory of BW. That's why there are other games with way more fans and bigger esport scene.

Article 9/19/13, 4:01 AM

ESCW got Dota2, must be the best tournament ever. WCG has LoL, lets trashtalking it. Dota2 derpfanboys.

Article 5/13/13, 5:33 AM

I love how strong and loyal is the Dota 2 fanbase, sadly they get butthurt so easy and start acting childish (this thread being a prove). I do agree that WCG is a really bad tournament and it has been like for several years now, but i bet that if WCG picked the other way (Dota 2 instead of LoL) all this childish butthurt fans would be congratulating the "superior" game over the "inferior". Well, as always fanboys suck.

Article 5/9/13, 7:04 AM

Prolly = Best Mid NA

Article 5/1/13, 5:02 AM

Agree with #27, it just make Dota players look bitter because they just look any excuse to trashtalk LoL (game & community). I think it would be nice to see DH add another game, i even think they can add more. They have a really good organization that can make it possible. I would like to see Dota 2 being added over LoL because the Riot game is already really big so it could be lot more usefull for Dota 2.

Article 4/30/13, 2:40 AM

#1 I guess you didnt watch the EU LCS Final, those were real top games. NA final was really boring and depressing. The only good thing is that an underdog made it to the finals.

Article 4/30/13, 2:34 AM

Gambit Gaming just went full NA and lost so bad in the last game. Never go full NA.

Article 4/28/13, 9:43 PM

The revolutionist!!! There is a LoL era before and after this guy.

Article 4/24/13, 7:27 AM
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