• Name steven kurniawan
  • Location Indonesia
  • Primary game Dota 2

god_executioner's activity

First i know being racists is wrong but banning people from international event is just too much... Even they already apologized... And i hate majors or TI held in china... why? Because the crowd only cheering chinese team they didn't give a fuck if non chinese team making a good play if the entire chinese team are eliminated then no crowd will attend to watch dota

Article 11/25/18, 7:45 PM

I'am also bet all the alliance match dude Having 250$ profit here and i'am going to root alliance to the very end I will put 200$ for them in this final TI3 champion Vs TI5 champion gonna be epic

Match 1/16/16, 8:07 PM

Yeah liquid destroyed [A] before But this time [A] have solid draft They always play with their comfort hero and it's impossible to ban them all It's like TI3 story they are going for the same draft and even their opponent know this was coming but they cannot do anything againts that draft

Match 1/16/16, 11:44 AM

Hard choice... Usually EG played incredibly good at main stage It's gonna be 55:45 for EG i guess Bet on LGD for better odds Bet on EG for better chance Good luck ^.^

Match 1/16/16, 5:47 AM

It's fucking 50:50 chance But i'am willing to bet 100$ on [A] This game going to be 2-1 score for either liquid or [A]

Match 1/16/16, 5:44 AM

This best of 3 is really epic!

Match 1/15/16, 6:27 PM

I wouldn't say exactly 5-0 But yeah they would get at least 4 win from 5 match Their performance againts EG and LGD is too damn good It's not throw or anything but just pure outplayed

Match 1/15/16, 9:26 AM

That's true bulldog has low hero pool compared misery But he obviously outclassed misery if he get his comfortable hero Do secret want to ban all bulldog hero and leave open pool for s4 and loda? i don't think so

Match 1/15/16, 9:20 AM
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