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There are 4 MVP teams actually in Dota2 MVP.Phoenix (which status is unknown right now since 3 of them are already in other teams namely QO, Forev, Dubu...with Febby being rumored to be out with another team as well.) MVP.Hot6 (which status is also unknown, Hoonji who is now on Aegis used to play on Hot6 with Doctor) MVP.Aegis (played at WESG) roster:RAIn, GarraLos.HitenStyle, Grace, HOONJI, Light.RMT It is yet to announce if they will be kept. MVP.Revolution (NoLifer5 as you reported)

Article 1/4/17, 6:22 PM

Fnatic performed really well when Mushit wasnt around. Valve must have realized that Fnatic isnt performing the same anymore. Theyre inconsistent as you've said.

Article 6/20/16, 8:57 PM

is it true that If Mineski wins the Finals, Valve will make a Pinoy Server. Everyone at SEA wins! better Pings!

Article 10/13/15, 3:01 PM

PSM is rumored to replace him, Funnik was also rumored to leave to join the rumored Goblak stack

Article 8/27/15, 7:21 AM

what happened to Chuan?

Match 4/29/15, 5:21 PM

that only proved how immature you are, the way you can't discuss things when it comes to legal procedures.

Article 4/4/15, 1:21 PM

First of all, I have never attacked you in any way in my previous posts so I don't get why your recent reply was a personal attack. Btw those are not numbered questions... those are the REQUIREMENTS for E6 VISA here in the Philippines! Don't call someone uneducated if you can't even read properly. Calling names are only done by those UNEDUCATED people you speak off! I support Rave too just so you know. Let's start on a clean slate, shall we? I'm here to explain how that E6 works here, If you read it's requirements again. You would know that it requires POEA (EOC). That's the bottomline. You simply cannot argue with it and force it as you are a tourist. It's a REQUIREMENT! I'm not even sure how they have it if they have an incomplete requirement. Remember that Rave admin in FB said that they do not need to consult POEA. But if you look at 3 & 4 of the procedures something is not right. Also If they are a merely a tourist, WHY DO THEY EVEN APPLIED FOR THAT E6 VISA because it seems that it was for a Working Visa. Just look at it's REQUIREMENTS! If you have any type of Working Visa, you are almost likely bound to pay taxes. I'm not sure how things work in Korea because I don't know if you are even a Real Korean or just hiding in the flag but that's how you get the E6 Visa here. I'm also not blind on how many people loves to dodge Taxes. That happens everywhere in every country in real life. How on earth I intend to destroy the name of my beloved Country? If I was like that, I wouldn't even bother posting the E6 requirements and simply posted in an enraged manner. I just posted the E6 legal process and just showed the inconsistency of what Rave admin in Facebook told us. read part 3 and 4 of the E6 VISA requirements. Many People wanted the Government to become better but when they implement stricter rules, this happens. as one of Rave's supporters, IMO Rave should get a different type of VISA, as simple as that. I have no beef with you. I hope your on the same boat.

Article 4/4/15, 7:47 AM

Professional Gamer though... it still counts as working abroad since they go there as a professional. They were just able to go through before because their motives abroad are unknown to the immigration that time. This is not the case since they are becoming popular already, they were already scooped in the tv news and newspaper before. There are many cases of which people apply for Tourist Visa and work abroad and simply go back and renew. I believe Filipino Boxers that fight abroad uses a Working Visa instead of a Tourist Visa. Heck even my Domestic Helper relative who works in abroad has a working visa. If Rave continues pushing themselves as a Tourist then that only means they only wanted to skip the taxes. Other Teams like Alliance, Navi pays their taxes. I'm not sure why can't Rave. What Rave said in Facebook isn't exactly true that they do not need to consult the POEA. (this means that they actually lack proper documents) About the E6... this is the legal proceedure. A. E-6 visa holder migration process (legitimate process) The Philippines 1) Local overseas employment agencies need to receive a personnel request from a verified Korean dispatch agency (foreign employer) from the Philippines Overseas Labor Office(POLO) situated at the Consulate General of the Philippines in S.Korea 2) local overseas employment agencies recruit the entertainers and 3) once the overseas employer verification process is completed by POLO the Philippine intermediary agency should register the foreign employer and dispatch women with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration(POEA) and 4) the approval documents issued by the POEA for ‘registered entertainers’ (Overseas Employment Certificate) are then to be submitted to immigration at time of departure.

Article 4/3/15, 7:37 PM
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