• Name Justin Charles Petallar
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

petzzzz's activity

it wasn't a throw draft but a stupid one, im not saying im better than hanni but come on man, 1st they are getting good results from him carrying and trixi supporting, why switch trixi again? 2nd c9 used fucking drow strat like more than 5 times in a row (vs Navi , Empire and Fnatic) their last 3 fights c9 always gets visage drow and NP, at least fucking ban NP or VIsage FACEPALM u don't nid to be a pro or genius to notice it, oh well thnx for the Arcanas <3

Match 9/25/14, 9:30 PM

Thnx man :D

Match 9/23/14, 9:31 AM

That exactly is my point and even if u did use math it would still agree with dota2, that is if you do it right.

Match 9/23/14, 9:30 AM

FIRST IF YOU REALLY KNOW MATH Simple mathematical logic can't be applied when some unknown variable can't be determined example X>Y , Y>Z in a specific time won't mean X>Z if Y can change indefinitely IN dota picks sometimes determine situations and how a teams style can counter others cannot be determined and represented by a variable 1 Evidence that ur just stupid and ur "logic" is stupid , HGT def VG yesterday , LGD.C def HGT, but LGD.C lost to VG, in this scenario ur logic failed so ur stupid Another more obvious one, IG def VG in a BO5 yesterday (most convincing format for a win) but VG def IG in a BO1 just hours later, again ur logic failed Before being all high and mighty about being smart at least make it convincing and learn the difference between "LOGIC" and "LOGISTICS"

Match 9/22/14, 12:16 PM

I HOPE PR READS THIS KUDOS PR , first time i saw DOOM RAZOR AND NAGA (VERY FARMED ONES) LOSE TO A SPEC SF Lineup, Also first time i saw a naga lineup not ratting but forcing fights >.< very entertaining, you guys made my day :D

Match 9/20/14, 7:54 PM

of course he isn't , he's GROOT ffs FUCK NEBULA!

Match 9/19/14, 7:48 PM


Match 9/19/14, 6:32 PM

that's probably why he said wish instead of "know" :D

Match 9/15/14, 9:37 PM
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