• Name Michal Rajnoha
  • Location Slovakia
  • Date of birth Mar 28, 1989
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Look's like two last Valve Events share a common theme ... player who played with Na"Vi for years left the team only to captain another to get their dreamed victory ... be it CS:GO Zeus or Dota 2 Kuroky Sadly, I was not able to see those last 2 matches but beating Newbie in this fashion is unexpected.

Article 8/13/17, 8:35 AM

One major and they'll reshuffle again ... sadly, I don't see many interesting player in CIS lately.

Article 9/13/16, 8:05 AM

DC was working with 2 freshly major decorated players. Carry player on whose back Empire took few months lasting dominating win streak. Very gifted support in Saksa and Moo whom (honestly due to being NA) I haven't noticed before DC. On the other hand NP now seems like one notorically known as throwing core; 3 wanna be coaches who didn't adapt to current meta and one of them actually has good mechanical skills. Lastly, another player I haven't heard about before, because of being from NA.

Article 9/9/16, 10:00 AM

I can't see this team succeeding on TI level. The only thing going for them is the NA scene where they should be able take some cash from lower tier tournaments. Which can be good but not for them. Inevitably their hunger for more will cause this team to change one way or another.

Article 9/9/16, 8:12 AM

So there was some true to it about what he said on stream back then. I hope he'll do great in his future team. Would be refreshing to see Czech star rise for a change. It would no doubt help promote this region.

Article 6/28/16, 5:22 PM

Guess we won't know severity of his injury for now as it could be crucial information for their opponents. As long as it's one that needs a surgery like carpal tunnel he could finish tournament on painkillers and then undergo surgery. It's not like athletes in other sports don't do that. But it's their decision to evalue if stand-in wouldn't allow team to perform better than injured player.

Article 4/7/16, 8:09 AM

Well thanks, makes sense, but didn't make me feel any better while listening to him :P

Article 3/26/16, 12:50 AM

Srsly is he reading it? Are those even his own thoughts?

Article 3/25/16, 11:52 PM
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