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#6 Idra just doesn't have any dignity, and that's a good thing for him.

Article 2/10/10, 7:28 PM

Haha, butthurt german fangirls, I mean boys. Everything he's said about Mondi and Brat_ok is true. To #12 "But he should treat better players with some kind of respect anyway!" Yeah, like it happens in every sport/competition, right? Get real, and if the guy is confident enough to think Mondragon is nothing impressive, why get so mad about it? I believe this guy beat Idra in the past and he's taken down other well known players in tournaments and nobody said anything about it, he didn't said anything about it.

Article 2/10/10, 7:09 PM

#42 Well, maybe they made this news because it involved Ret and Starcraft, smart one. Tell you what, if you want to get banned because you're an impulsive little whiny girl, why don't you get your fatass to TL.net and say something like that, defy the gods and ask them to ban you, you will have a better result over there, because over here, admins just ignore blockheads who type nonsense while they're having their period.

Article 2/4/10, 7:39 PM

That wasn't rape Fenix did, that was consensual sex he had with Casper.

Article 1/17/10, 10:00 PM

#42 Maybe if you were someone, but since not even your mom gives a fuck about your existence I don't think so.

Article 1/16/10, 2:04 AM

Geez, I can't even understand why this "telecom" guy is crying so much. I remember that in high school people would actually pay me to tutor them in counter strike, it was all informal, no hourly rates but the point is that I don't think I am the only one who has ever get payed for teaching something they're good at, and if there's demand then what's wrong with doing it? $10 an hour isn't even that much because it's not like he can make it a secure stream of income. I can actually see myself getting tutored by a pro in SC2 [sky]

Article 1/16/10, 1:53 AM

#5 You must be new here, welcome. Actually draco already went to Korea and failed a long time ago.

Article 1/12/10, 2:30 PM

Pshhht, that's what happens when they don't send [b]American[/b] players to Korea.

Article 12/31/09, 1:20 AM
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