• Name Rendangpdg ~
  • Location Indonesia
  • Primary game Dota 2

Rendangpdg's activity

you didnt get the joke, didnt you?

Article 8/1/16, 7:57 AM


Article 3/28/16, 6:08 AM

i wonder uglykelly still salty to EE, he got grand final 4Head

Article 3/5/16, 2:47 PM

kuroky is right

Article 3/2/16, 2:21 PM

i believe they can reach final, but no win major because EE 4Head

Article 2/25/16, 7:09 PM

thanks, you da real mvp

Match 12/19/15, 3:05 PM

alahu akbar butaev Kappa

Article 6/4/15, 6:01 PM

not sure he's trolling or plain stupid

Article 6/4/15, 5:59 PM
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