#4 You should read his comment again ;P This won't change anything. I really don't see the point of playing a game like this on PS4.

Article 2/21/13, 1:41 PM

Sounds awesome!

Article 1/24/13, 2:05 PM

Sounds amazing mate!

Blog 1/19/13, 10:53 AM

Yea but is it enough? I thought at least some ranking or levelling up would have been the smallest thing they could add :( But still something new to the game.

Article 1/12/13, 9:56 PM

This looks really good! I'm interested in how and if the mutalisk update will change ZvZ.

Article 12/6/12, 10:33 AM

As stated above, keep up the good work everyone :)

Blog 11/28/12, 9:29 AM

Finally! Let's gett it our before x-mas!

Article 11/27/12, 1:35 PM

I really like WCG but I think they lost their glory in the last years. Some years ago WCG was the one and only tournament that everyone wanted to win. Now there is so many other awesome tournaments that takes to focus from WCG. I would love to see a new concept and more hype around WCG in the future! And btw go PARANOID!!!!!

Article 11/26/12, 12:38 PM