^^ RIP rares.. XBOCT got farmed so much..

Match 9/20/14, 8:54 PM

update please

Match 9/20/14, 2:28 PM

I would not call it a comeback from PR. But a TOTAL THROW from MYM. hahahaah

Match 9/19/14, 8:31 PM

fucking throws. mym just disband than throwing games.

Match 9/19/14, 8:29 PM

haha. what a game. nice game both teams. ST still undefeated

Match 9/15/14, 8:35 PM

open bet pls

Match 9/14/14, 3:07 PM

its okey.. i just expresses it that way so it could be more realistic. its still fresh when he leaves Empire. so i think he still knows how it works being an empire

Match 9/11/14, 6:31 AM

how to*

Match 9/11/14, 5:12 AM