• Name Josh Churchill
  • Location Canada
  • Primary game DotA

Delusion's activity

NICE! Is this the tourny EG was going to travel over for?

Article 5/2/09, 5:59 PM

Nice stuff. Always good to add another sponsored team. I look forward to their replays, especially seeing how good "wonderkid" is haha.

Article 5/1/09, 12:55 AM

Bah lame the best game will be so early in the tourney haha. Good luck EG, rape them all.

Article 4/27/09, 8:29 PM

Ooo. Traveling to Asia. Sounds awesome. GL to them. Gogo North American Dota, EG is putting us back on the map.

Article 4/25/09, 12:40 AM

Awesome news! Always good to add another sponsored squad to the scene.

Article 4/22/09, 11:15 PM

Kwom would be a good pick up for any euro team. One of the more underated captains out there imo. Anyway Ravens are stacked now. They will put up a good fight against Ks.int and EG for top spot. I look forward to some game between those 3. GL new ravens and diamondz.

Article 4/21/09, 2:23 AM

Excellent. Will this be a lan or online? It would be super awesome if this was a lan.

Article 4/12/09, 6:47 PM

For the mod bashers->[spoiler]You people trashing the English of the mods need to just lay off. These aren't university level English papers being written, they are articles about a video game. You all seriously just need to stop with this "OMG ur enlizh is liek so bad" stuff. Just because you've "studied" a language doesn't mean you go around the internet correcting typos. Cut people some slack.[/spoiler] On topic. This should be a fun tourny. I'm all about pitting the top teams against each other.

Article 4/11/09, 7:21 AM
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