• Name Joshua Choong
  • Location Malaysia
  • Primary game Dota 2

dc_talkz's activity

ah damn.. placed bet on TNC for 1st blood and 1st to reach 10 kills.. well win 1 lose 1 .. not too bad i suppose.. Thanks a lot

Match 4/11/16, 9:55 AM

hi can anyone tell me who first blood in game 1? TNC or Fnatic? thanks in advance

Match 4/11/16, 8:45 AM

DJ is crazy good.. I feel like kissing every pinoy right now because of this dude! GJ Fnatic and MVP! You guys do SEA proud

Match 3/4/16, 6:52 PM

Taking nothing away from the Swedish teams, but haven't any of you thought that the TI teams are actually saving up their strats in this tournament? EG ain't gonna give any hint of their hand, MY and VP might be saving something up their sleeves as well. Who knows, just something to ponder on. NIP and [A] on the other hand, like the title suggest, have a lot to play for, redemption aside, they are playing to prove to the world that they are still a relevant team despite not being in TI5 My point is, to say that [A] or NIP deserve to be in TI rather than teams that got invited but lost in this tournament (eg: Fnatic, Vp) isn't particularly accurate. It could be the case, but we will never know just by seeing their performances off this tournament. Both side of the team are playing with a very different mind set to say the least.

Article 6/7/15, 8:30 PM

Country's wealth determined by its GDP? ROFL. Heard of Engel's law? Instead of wasting time on PC bangs or Internet cafes, might as well go back to school. You peenoise are a sad bunch

Article 6/3/15, 11:07 AM

You think that asserting something over and over again makes it true and that being condescending supports that even more. You fail to refute my points. You stray from the subject (that the Philippines is not the BEST English speaking country in Asia) and commit ad hominem attacks over and over again. It had started to get frustrating at one point, but now it's just funny. Arguing with you proved to be an utter waste of time considering that you lot have a siege mentality that even a bulldozer would not suffice to penetrate, so good riddance fellow peenoise. Continue to be the cancer of society like you already are. I am sure you people will one day, if not already, create history for being the rednecks of Asia.

Article 6/2/15, 9:39 PM

You really don't read my comments thoroughly do you? You ignored the rest of my argument and just continued to spew opinionated jargon in a stubborn fashion. I am only disagreeing with one point and that is - the Philippines is not the BEST English speaking nation in Asia. You said that my comments are highly subjective, well it is in the first place, my opinion of the matter. The difference between my statement and yours is that you constantly project your opinions as facts, to which, I am is disagreement. Having the most English speaking population by ratio doesn't make your country the best English nation, nor is by having the best business English by the minority few. Applying your logic, then one would argue that the Pinoys are a wealthier population than the Malaysians because the top richest few in Philippines exceeds their counterparts in Malaysia. Is that the case then? Similar to how a country's wealth is not determined by the top individuals of a certain class, having the best business English doesn't make Philippine the best English speaking country in Asia as a whole. I'd say that the surveys and statistic you projected is flawed in the first place. While most Pinoys understand or can speak English, the standard of English they (majority of the so-called English speaking pinoys) possess isn't exactly within satisfactory level. As apposed to countries like Singapore for instance,majority who speaks the language there speaks them fluently and have the adequate quality to be incorporated into the middle-tiered workforce. On the contrary, like you mentioned, most English speaking Pinoys are hired to be maids and operators, which are considered lower-tiered jobs in our country and requires only the bare minimum command of the English language, and people which fits into that catergory is in abundance in your country. It all boils down to the standard of the education system in the country. The Singaporen education platform is one of the best in the world and they constantly produce top performing students. On the contrary the level of education in Philippines is low and therefore the level of English that most layperson speaks there is tokenism. Show me a statistic which projects Philippines as having the most "satisfactory" English speaking population per ratio and then I might agree with you, otherwise heed your own rhetoric and kindly shut up. And let me put it out there for you again, I don't hate pinoys nor do I have any intention to belittle your nation. If you're of the opinion that your country is the BEST at everything or most things, well then it's a free world after all and you are entitled to your opinions. Just do us a favor and stop being an evangelist to your hypocritical and biased assessments.

Article 6/2/15, 12:31 PM

It seems like you have problem understanding simple English sentences. I said Philippines is "amongst the top" non-native English speaking countries in Asia BUT they are not the BEST (aka, NOT No.1), and all your sources just proved my point. Do you often pontificate on things you know nothing about?? Or maybe you just ignore most of them out of intellectual stubbornness. If you still think that Philippines is the BEST English speaking country in Asia then your knowledge of it must be astronomically small. Last I checked, India is part of Asia and according to YOUR own sources (check your own links), India is ahead of the Philippines, so the way I see it, you have no leg to stand on. Now who's retarded and pathetic again? Nefarious reasoning and ethical implications notwithstanding, you had to resort to insults to make your point. But then again, nothing too shocking from a peenoise. Also, contrary to your accusations, I don't hate pinoys. If you have the decency to do some checking before spouting nonsensical bullcrap, you'd probably know that I like pinoys, especially pinoy chicks. heck, I've constantly asked people here to stop attacking the whole pinoy community just because of a few rotten eggs. Well guess what? Rotten egg spotted! Just so you know, people like you are giving your countrymen a bad name and is a disgrace to what could've been a nation worth recognition for passionate supporters. Then again, there is fine line between a patriot and a fool and I'd say most of you lot are bordering the latter. P/s: Stay in the minor league kid and stop trying to project your own phobias and psycho-babble on me

Article 6/2/15, 9:00 AM
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