when match was edited from b03 to bo1, i think the bets are automatically cancelled here in ggnet.

Match 6/14/14, 8:23 AM

changed the pass to gosu6

Match 6/7/14, 9:18 AM

pw gosucupasia6

Match 6/7/14, 9:11 AM

thanks for the stream. already updated the stream here in the page. but game will end soon i guess :D

Match 5/28/14, 4:53 PM

EG won. 14mins gg

Match 5/10/14, 9:57 PM

you can check prizepool here http://dota2.cyborgmatt.com/prizetracker/thesummit

Match 5/10/14, 3:07 AM

Steam username: daedelus014 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kimoy/ Fav team joining: Execration (1)

Article 5/1/14, 8:10 AM

newbee vs hgt WPC match was played last day. newbee won 2-0

Match 4/27/14, 11:43 AM