EG will play against the loser of LV-Gaming vs VP Polar

Match 1/6/15, 8:58 AM

Happy holidays! cheers mates!

Article 12/24/14, 5:30 PM

This match was supposed to be 3 games and not just best of 3. There will still be game 3 even if one team already scored 2. We are going to clarify to dreamleague admins if game 3 will still be played or if a team had forfeited game 3. We don't want to cancel the bets so please be patiemt. We are going to give results this day.

Match 10/29/14, 5:46 AM

We are currently having error resulting the match. We are sorry for the delay. Dev will fix this asap.

Match 8/23/14, 4:20 PM

still waiting for dev's reply but hopefully

Match 8/10/14, 11:35 AM

We are having trouble resulting this match. We always get an unknown error. We already contacted our devs for solutions so please wait a little longer. We are really sorry for the delay.

Match 8/10/14, 11:05 AM

Sorry for the delay. We're having trouble resulting the match atm. will fix this asap.

Match 8/10/14, 9:33 AM

Match was postponed to 8/14. All bets are cancelled and given back.

Match 8/9/14, 12:51 AM