• Name Piotr RychÅ‚owski
  • Location Poland
  • Date of birth Jan 31, 1939
  • Primary game Dota 2

UltimateRychu's activity

Pathetic pinoy hahaha Yeah make more shitstorm. I don't care Hahaha BTW you confirmed you have small penis? Hahahahahaha I'm so sorry about that Mr. Shorty hahahahahahahahahaha BTW I've earned a lot of money today shithead thx to Exacretion Hahaha 2500 $ one day shitstein. More than average pinoy earn through half a year hahaha

Article 1/7/17, 6:36 PM

Yes, I will never think like someone with shit in his head instead of brain hahaha BTW insulting someone parents is really childlish. Typical little dick pinoy. When they lack of arguments they start shitstorm like that. Underwear, bathing? Really? Hahaha WTF!? I live in civilized country where homes are made from stones and bricks not like in yours where pinoys live in tents in the middle of the jungle doing blow job to monkeys for bananas Hahaha You earning less than 300 $ per month for being slaves of big croporations making some shit t-shirts or other cheap crap haha You are just a pinoy kid. You are no one to me hahaha

Article 1/7/17, 6:29 AM

Sucks? Hahaha Look your mistakes dumbass. Few examples; "than you" which is incorrect and should be "than yours", next "stupidiest" is incorrect and should be "stupidest" you idiot. I was never bullied shorty. I have 193 cm tall and weigh 100 kg. I was always big boy not like shorty pinoys. Also WTF you pinoys have with ward kill. Always spamming that shit only making ppl laugh from you. If you want it so bad just do it ;] BTW I won today pinoy month salary with Execraction and WG.Unity failures at ESL Genting. Easy Hahaha

Article 1/6/17, 8:32 AM

You are so superior that you even can't use English language properly in your shit talks haha You are no one for me. Now I understand all who complain about pinoys in SEA Dota region. You are really cancerous. Wish all your shitty country and nation pasionate kiss with high tsunami wave. Let's say 100 meters tall haha

Article 1/5/17, 5:21 PM

An who is insulting all the time. Whatever you write still you will be pinoy. Nothing more than dog shit. An you can't change it haha

Article 1/4/17, 4:05 PM

See how pathetic you are. First get knowledge what you are talking about pinoy. You even don't know thatthey didn't get through the wildcard and dind't earn even 1 $ in Seattle. If you don't believe me just check http://wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2/The_International/2016. Hahaha pathetic shit from tent.

Article 1/3/17, 5:26 PM

Said pinoy.. Haha Pinoys were and are miserable and pathetic from the beginning of their existence on this world. But you can be sure. You even can't attend major Valve tournaments because USA don't want such shitty, ugly, short outbrianed freaks in their countiry Haha Some day fate will fix his mistake and you won't smile so much when tsunami will drown all of your pathetic nation :)

Article 1/2/17, 2:40 PM

You should better think about your own ass. Muslims in Denmark are growing in power. Good luck :)

Article 1/2/17, 6:23 AM
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