EZ 3-0 for navi

Match 4/17/16, 5:50 PM

vg.r 2-1 lgd

Match 4/17/16, 12:57 PM


Match 4/4/16, 10:29 AM

^ LGD , lets go

Match 4/4/16, 10:24 AM

ig vs vg.r, lets yolo on ig, faith on ferarri_vromm vromm

Match 4/4/16, 8:55 AM

Ehome looks great in ytd match agnst vg.r, no doubt betting on them is safer. Ehome 2 - 1 VG.R

Match 4/4/16, 2:52 AM

totally agree with u, people just admired thecurrent top player and forgot all da pro move done and glory achieved by legends.

Article 3/19/16, 3:55 PM

sad for ferrari tho, only xxs perform well in ig.v, other just shit. No chance for ti again.

Article 3/19/16, 10:12 AM