• Name Sengo Yuan
  • Location China
  • Date of birth Dec 4, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Match 8/11/17, 11:56 AM

Maybe liquid can take down ig or lgd, or even newbee (considering the past encounters). But it's impossible to take down LFY which is the combination of advantages of WINGS and CDEC.

Article 8/11/17, 11:54 AM

RTZ really tried hard, but his teammates....... So which is RTZ's new team? TEAM SECRET?

Article 8/9/17, 9:21 AM

The only ti6 finalist in ti7 xD.

Article 8/1/17, 4:13 PM

1nd! DDC got 3 TI champions, i mean in the qualifiers. The king of qualifiers!!

Article 1/8/16, 12:03 PM

I guess the organizers failed the math, they thought October only got 30 days instead of 31. And maybe they just arranged the final in the following day of Oct.30th. When they found their mistake, it's too late to change the date coz the rent was paid the tickets were sold. Just kidding lol.

Match 10/31/15, 3:41 PM

yes, and also cdec doesn't know how to deal with techies and siren. So they can't ban leshrac in 1st round and have to pick it for fear that sumail played it. Btw I checked shiki's dotabuff. He played leshrac 4 times in pubs recently, and lost all, every games he died more than 10 times. http://www.dotabuff.com/players/101375717/matches?hero=leshrac

Article 8/9/15, 11:42 AM

First of all, congratz to eg, everyone did incredible jobs today. Sumail sama kreygasm, and really glad to see fear can prove himself by taking the aegis. Secondly, it seems that shiki can't use leshrac well, eg just figured it out and did't ban this imba hero at all. So they outdrafted every game, directly leading to their success. Last but not least, Chinese fans don't need to be upset or hide in the shell like azarkon did after ti4. We did not bad in ti5, we got 3 spots in top 4 and 4 spots in top 6. It's much better than expected (remember mdl, western teams dominated top 3). And also we witness so many Fresh blood ,like xz, aggressive,cty,maybe, showing their talent in this game, Chinese dota will never die!

Article 8/9/15, 11:18 AM
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