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Sorry to say, this team will change rosters again after the next major at best, they could do it before the major. Ace is not even impressive in DB, I'm not saying this because DB is a tier 2 team but as a carry player Ace was not even carrying DB. I saw MATUMBAMAN when he was still in a full Finnish team with Trixi and he was the only player to impress me, I thought he deserved a much better team and I was right, he just won TI 7 with Liquid. FATA was a very good midlaner before he took a break, after that he's not been keeping up with the best midlaners atm.

Article 9/7/17, 12:57 PM

ppd>Fear? ppd is a better drafter but in terms of individual skills and gameplay Fear>ppd. ppd is a great drafter but he's mediocre as a pro player, there are better 5th support players way better than him. Also, I think Cr1t > Misery on that 4th position, Misery is good but Cr1t on 4th pos when he was in OG was even better. It's very obvious that you're biased towards EG, you're obviously an EG fan. Suma1L has not been playing well recently and I started to think that he is overrated. CCnC has raw talents and with experienced players around him, I think he will be a new midlane star. This new team is interesting to me. Oh, and zai was a monster offlane back then in Secret, this team has good chances to dethrone EG as the best team in NA.

Article 9/7/17, 12:48 PM

I think you got that a bit wrong. DotA2 is actually very successful in SEA region. SEA might just be the only region where the number of DotA2 players surpassed LoL players. Even in China where people claim has a lot of dota players, LoL players still outnumber dota players. EU is even worse, LoL is much more popular than dota there. That being said, I still think 3 slots for SEA region is a fair number considering there is no SEA team got a direct invite by valve. I would recommend the final slot of TI goes to winner between EU runner up vs CIS runner up

Article 6/20/17, 1:43 PM

exactly my thought CIS has at least navi empire and vega, while we all know secret will stomp EU qualifier and mouz or DB most likely ends up second, but I'm not sure if mouz is stronger than navi or empire at the moment. in any case the winner between EU qualifier runner up vs CIS qualifier runner up will be more deserving if we are talking about TI, the most prestigious e-sports tournament on earth

Article 6/20/17, 1:35 PM

that's why 3 teams per region for those regions seem fair to me

Article 6/20/17, 1:32 PM

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - The Dark Knight. Too bad he's lived long enough in world of competitive dota

Article 6/11/17, 4:13 PM

Agreed. Why can't everyone realize who's always playing for Alliance since the beginning? Loda. He's the most undeserving TI winner in the history of DotA2. Everyone was playing superbly except him during TI3, and yet, s4 and bulldog were enough to carry this "supposed to be a carry" burden to win TI3. The fact that he is barely 6k means that he's not a force to reckon with even in pub games. In competitive games, he's always behind in net worth compared to his counterpart (opponent team's carry) and never made a great play. BurNIng also almost never made really big plays but he's so good at farming, N0tail is also bad at farming but his teamfights technique (positioning, items usage, manta dodge, accurate skills timing, etc) is so good. Loda has none of these, he's not a good carry and he never was.

Article 5/23/17, 7:06 PM

For me personally, boboka is the mvp of the tournament if I have to pick one. I'm glad for BurNIng, he was my fav player in 2010-2012 and to see him rising again when he seemed to have fallen just feels good man, hope he has silenced his haters now.

Article 4/4/17, 2:48 PM
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