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This is confirmed. Source: http://dota2.uuu9.com/201508/498213.shtml 1 (Carry) - Black 2 (Mid) - Mushi 3 (Offlane) - Ohaiyo 4 (Support) - Net 5 (Support) - Ryoyr I believe this lineup cements Mushi as a mid player, but the support roles between Ryoyr and Net must be swapped. To be honest I have qualms with this new lineup especially with Ryoyr. While he is a versatile player (can mid, play offlane, play initiator or team-oriented safelane), he's not playing a support 5 in his recent stint on MSI Evo-GT (seen him play Dark Seer / Phx, lost vs. Mineski) and certainly not at his time at Rave. Has an Earthshaker, not sure if it will his best support pick at this point? Net has also a greedy support heropool, with his signature Sand King do not bode well with being a 5-position, just in case Ryoyr became the 4-position. Well I can say the same with Johnny and Kecik being supports, it's not really their style I guess, reflected to Fnatic's downfall. If this fails, either kick Net and Ryoyr or Mushi plays support and Ryoyr play utility mid? I don't know. Black might be screwed here.

Article 8/24/15, 3:25 PM

Probably a DRAW. Jeyo has migraine problems, stand-in for Rave almost certain, and it's expected to be freaking Polo, former Mineski player.

Match 3/8/15, 2:31 AM

Chuan+Faith combo I like this! Hoping to see iG get relevant again vs. true powerhouses (EG,VG,TS)

Article 3/6/15, 10:40 PM

Invasion losing their invite because of the reshuffle. Who's responsible for the reshuffle though?

Article 3/3/15, 2:46 AM

I want them to win that TI trophy. If he's really that instrumental, that clutch, he should have carried the team from third place. He's the one who's getting carried at that time. That Ohaiyo NP and Xtinct Visage winrate is really crazy good, that Mushi can play whatever hero he wants and still win.

Article 3/2/15, 4:34 PM

Who cares, i really suck. it shows in my flag. the thing is, Orange wasnt just Mushi. It's a team. You act like Mushi did it all for the win when the fact is, it's Ohaiyo, Kyxy and Xtinct who are unstoppable at that time. Just google the Malaysian Dragon i dare you that Xtinct's Visage has a ridiculous winrate at TI3 or even before TI3 that no Mushi hero can surpass that winrate at minimum of 20 games. Crazy good.

Article 3/2/15, 4:31 PM

I'm actually hoping that this team bring success, so Mushi can finally support SEA teams for a long time. As of this writing, it looks like he's just destroying teams left and right just for his ultimate goal. He wont be contented. As long as SEA community will be blind and treat Mushi as a God who can do anything, he will be spoiled of constant team shuffling, and in the end, SEA teams particularly Malaysian teams wont stabilize.

Article 3/2/15, 4:04 PM

Ah, ridiculous. Mushi made Orange? What is he, an orange tree? hahahaha Seriously, you're discrediting Ohaiyo's arguably top 2 offlane in the world at that time (next to Bulldog) Or Xtinct Visage 80% Visage winrate, and Visage is a hot hero at that time Or Net "can't lose Sand King"? Or Kyxy constant 4-5 man RP. It's the team that made Orange. Not one person. Certainly not Mushi.

Article 3/2/15, 3:57 PM
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