I want TT .I really like to see singsing cast a game with bigdaddy, that would be awesome. another legit choice is LGD ,since this team is getting better these days. they have the potential to win any tournament,and anther Chinese participator is making the tournament more international and attractive.

Article 11/16/14, 6:31 AM

Finally the team sponsored by porn is revealed.

Article 11/1/14, 4:47 PM

gg maybe 24-0

Match 11/1/14, 7:10 AM

Best TA set so far , even better than void hammer

Article 10/28/14, 3:02 PM

Secret looks unstoppable now . looking forward for the clash between EG and Secret,still root in EG.

Article 9/28/14, 11:23 AM

defending champion dk.biblethump.

Article 9/13/14, 2:41 AM

road to ti5. lv means donkey in chinese

Article 9/13/14, 2:39 AM

new VG is the most talented team after DK disbanded. switch the role of super and fy is quite legit

Article 9/12/14, 7:36 AM