Okey... First of all SLTV forced Fnatic to surrencer to secure the final spot for Na'Vi, because obviously everyone knows that they will loose to TS, how they did it before 3 times(Yes, last game of sltv's group stage was under control of TS, despite the gold/exp/kill difference) After that Na'Vi could play anything they want, but they just did not want to disgrace themself, so it was a tie dicision... RLY? COINCIDENCE? This Na'Vi's "home" tournament is so "home"...

Article 10/8/14, 10:49 AM


Article 10/2/14, 12:06 AM

Another good tournament for Top Secret to show their PURE SKILL!!! GO TEAM SECRET!

Article 9/28/14, 8:05 AM

He was shit, but not teammates.

Article 7/29/14, 2:17 PM