Obviously Moon is much better as a player and offlaner, but i'm rly rly sad for moo =( He is awesome person as i can consider...

Article 8/26/16, 5:13 PM

no girls... sad

Article 11/5/15, 9:00 PM

RTZ should be kicked... sadly, but it's true. They usually played better w/o him. But... They can't kick him right before TI5. so they won't get a direct invite, thus they will be invited and take top 8 maximum. Sad.

Article 4/25/15, 1:32 PM

ye sure. After defwin... when secret was playing in dota pit... Last season or two it was the na'vi who was playing another tournament, but it took them too long, so 2 matches were rescheduled, not fkn defwin. this SLTV is so mean. rly... so pathetic... (oh my english... =( )

Article 12/23/14, 12:30 PM

SECRET the next fnatic!!!!! go go !

Article 12/2/14, 3:59 PM

Where is changelog?!

Article 11/15/14, 10:17 AM

That was AMAZING!!!!

Match 10/24/14, 2:03 PM

Thnx Putin. THNX a LOT.! =(

Article 10/16/14, 7:31 PM