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true. typical 322

Article 5/6/18, 12:50 AM

Manchester unated won't get 1/11 of Alexis Sanchez's points from Arsenal, after tranfer. he will just play for that team. nothing more.

Article 2/1/18, 9:11 PM

Valve will change the system obviously... It's so broken, when after the half of the season u can watch the points, watch the situation andd just get a "free" invite by changing the roster. It was 100% predictable.

Article 2/1/18, 9:07 PM

NaVi won't start to play better than tier 3 team. VP stayed as tier 2 team. (yeah. yeah. sometimes t2 team can win some tournaments, espesially at start of the patch) Nothing will actually change. but... the POINTS....

Article 2/1/18, 9:06 PM

Nice 322. So obvious... just to let NaVi those points.... Those fkn CIS... fkn corruption... fkn russia...

Article 2/1/18, 5:49 PM

Yeah it sucks. he obviously forgot that VP will 322 and let navi win and play vs weaker opponent, rather then play vs OG at finals, and the chances that OG will win 4 out of 4 are very low.

Match 11/16/17, 12:26 PM

Holy shit,.... Will they finally kick reso?! He is so bad. I mean he is good player, but he is to stupid to play with OG... Those countless throws like jumping 1v5 on qop or slark are so pathetic...

Match 11/10/17, 10:06 AM

This is bullshit btw. this statistics show only the fact that there are MORE than one slot for assassin. Hello! sometimes u can even play with 3 assassins+warrior+healer. So obvious, that players will play MORE assassins, when there are MORE slots for this class... And the same reason with 2nd place warriors. cause team can have a setup with double warriors...

Article 12/16/16, 1:35 PM
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