Navi draft is so bad.... EZ value for TS

Match 10/17/14, 6:00 PM

Give me the ticket please. i Want to watch that exiting tournament. The battle between the best team in dota 2. I hope Team Secret can make a good play and win this tournament. Team Secret have very good coordination and plan to winning the game. With kuroky the best carry in Dota , I have very high expectation on them. Good luck and Have a Good Game .

Article 9/28/14, 5:30 AM

xiao8 will back to newbee?

Article 9/25/14, 10:18 AM

EE-Sama > SingSing

Article 9/21/14, 4:04 AM

surprisingly, LAI can beat every Tier 4 team in china. Hope they can doing well in the main event

Article 9/11/14, 4:21 PM

i think minoobski can't win again titan if titan have mushi

Article 9/10/14, 5:43 AM

I like the way Team Secret play... TS will win this Tourney

Article 9/10/14, 5:42 AM

Ez for SNA

Article 9/9/14, 1:43 AM