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GhettoSuPaStaR's activity

Team's shouldn't sleep on MP. He played one heck a TI. Hell, I'd go so far as to say he played better than QO overall, an QO is pretty easily a Top 3-5 mid.

Article 8/20/16, 4:57 AM

They run super hot one lan, freezing cold the next, but they are always fun to watch. W ell done, MVP. Strong showing, only dropping two games the entire tournament - both to Vega. Very happy to see MVP at Manila.

Article 5/2/16, 12:37 AM

NoFear for Lil... sounds real smart, VP. No wonder you're winning so many titles these days.

Article 3/25/16, 1:56 PM

So long as EG has PPD and Universe, I think they're a top 3 team at any given point or in any given meta. PPD has proven himself to be on the level of captains like Xiao8 and Puppey - if not better and, for all of the ageism and talk about older players on the decline, Universe is 26 and still Top 3 best overall player in DOTA2. Hell, even the Europeans and Chinese give Universe his due, and they bash North American players any chance they get. Honestly, I would prefer a lineup of Universe, PPD, Suma1l, Arteezy and Zai. However, I can only imagine how many times Arteezy or Suma1l start tilting, only to have Fear calm them down. He's accepted the responsibility of role model (both RTZ and Suma1l have spoken to how much he's helped them keep their emotions in check), and it's working out. Make Zai active alternate and pick some Rubick for EG! Imagine - Zai Rubick. DO IT!

Article 12/15/15, 1:15 AM

Pretty sure he's not "a black", as you so aptly put it (4Head...). I mean, that hair damn sure ain't black. If he's black, it's definitely diluted. Plus his name is Ravidu... wtf is that? Guess Indian or something like that.

Article 11/20/15, 3:01 AM

ooh, you know who would have been a baller addition to MVP Phoenix? Chrissy. That kid plays some monster Dota.

Article 8/28/15, 3:02 AM

Personally would have liked to seen Febby, Heen, QO, March, Forev. Despite MVP.H6's poor(er) showing to that of MVP Phoenix, I felt Forev played strong.

Article 8/28/15, 3:01 AM

What is going on here? Why is Hao being replaced on Vici Gaming and not Super? I've said since they kicked Black^ that I agreed with the change, but that Super and Black are of equal impact on the team - for good or for bad. To be clear, Hao played JUST DAMN FINE leading up to and during TI. There was nothing wrong with his overall performance. Super, in my opinion, is on the same level as Lou from IG: a player that will never single handedly take over or carry a game for you, merely contribute. When you're talking about the top tier teams, you simply can't afford that to be the case. On any given day, your cores need to be able to win the game for you. We've seen it with Universe, with Zai, with Maybe, CTY, BurNiNg, Hao, Arteezy - the list goes on. You'll be hard pressed to find tournaments where either Lou or Super are the primary catalyst in a Vici Gaming or IG series victory. My lineups: Vici: FY, Fenrir, BurNiNg, IceIceIce, (CTY or Maybe?) IG: ChuaN, Faith, Ferrari, Hao... not sure about the offlaner. Truthfully, aside from IceIceIce, the offlane position in the Chinese DOTA2 scene isn't as strong comparative to the West, which has some monster offlaners.

Article 8/23/15, 3:46 PM
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