ever since thier ti3 win over lgd.liquid on a rise.this proves it to,I think ti 4 will see the coming of a new era,the era of american dota.

Article 11/18/13, 3:30 AM

good point about that madrid and barca.it seems like allaince is like barca ,the solely work on teamplay and synergize well with each other.when I look at dk from6.78 they looklike madrid being coached by mourinho(mushi),very aggressive and unpredictable.but in 6.79 they look like being coached by alex ferguson(burning).means it is just a matter of time before they learn from their mistakes and go back to their winning ways.

Article 11/17/13, 12:18 PM

well played both teams,nice games.allaince as consistent as ever,i wonder but why i always loose my rares when i bet on them against navi.....but that said ever since burning took over drafting from mushi things looking bright for dk,even after this loss i say they can still beat allaince in coming tournaments

Article 11/17/13, 11:37 AM