it got over so quickly...

Article 1/3/14, 12:05 PM lgd is back in d2l......

Article 1/3/14, 11:57 AM

what?d2l new year resolution..... create high octane drama for high viewership?lol?

Article 1/3/14, 11:53 AM

dude mmy mvp in 5th and 6th game......veno 1 0 12 and sd 0 0 10,wtf support is this?i pay u mmy,support me in pub games

Match 1/1/14, 12:13 PM

gg....mmy see his score in 6th game...ftw...0 0 10 on sd....

Match 1/1/14, 12:06 PM

omg...what a 35 k gold lead,plus burning double rampage...

Match 1/1/14, 10:04 AM

the wallpaper shown here is sure awesome

Article 12/20/13, 5:03 AM

like always lgd fail to deliver at the final stage,so many disappointments,from ti 2 to ti3,and now yet again.they are one of the worst teams to bet upon whenever it comes to finals stage.i bet they wont win d2l in las vegas,it will be fnatic or vg

Article 12/19/13, 9:38 AM