• Name anh bui
  • Location Viet Nam
  • Primary game Dota 2
God of bet

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ty for stream text

Match 9/17/14, 3:11 PM

Plz win Navi, show yourself, road to TI5 :))

Match 9/16/14, 12:28 PM

Lai plz win this game but sorry i bet newbee :v

Match 9/16/14, 5:16 AM

maybe this game draw.

Match 9/15/14, 6:25 PM

MVP got this

Match 3/8/14, 6:15 PM

so hard to bet but i think C9 can win, Demon so strong with onlan

Match 3/8/14, 3:16 PM

scythe plz win this game....

Match 3/4/14, 2:30 PM

ez for LGD

Match 3/1/14, 3:01 AM
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