• Name pedro filipe
  • Location Brazil
  • Primary game Dota 2

pedrofi's activity

i really dont think this is the strongest but for sure sounds pretty good, i am really happy so see fata beeing replaced, and i am really happy to see yapzor playing with puppey for another year as well as midone nisha sounds pretty good and zai will do better them fata i belive still not sure if zai is THE offlaner secret needs but he is a amazing player and i belive in zai :)

Article 9/11/18, 11:17 PM

WEll for sure navi have lost with thia trade, but of rodjer already wants to leave maybe something was not great already, so i dream navi keeps in the same shape maybe better, and virtus pro dindt get that mutch better if it gets better i guess vistus pro will be in the same good shape as they are right now

Article 2/2/18, 12:33 AM

Yes i think they disbband cos of contract to

Article 10/22/15, 4:28 AM

anyway, swag wins.

Match 1/13/14, 5:39 PM

lol guys, i know now there is a lot of fanboys around meracle, but u can't say he is only Naga play...he's wisp game play is so fucking amazing, i just think he didn't find he's place in a team, but he is a tier 1 player for shure.

Match 1/12/14, 2:12 PM

God. in the team = lose, even with Artstyle

Match 1/10/14, 2:32 AM

don't think it is going to be a dream team, if it is i dont like than anyway(don't like hao, faith and mu) becouse yes. i hope to see the other teams, how they are going, like, will YaphetS become TongFu 1 player? ZSMJ will play in 1 position again? What about LGD? Witch players will they get? IG disband? will DK still be in the top? And what about Alliance changes...? pajkat in ? Misery in? Admiralbulldog out? S4 out? so much changes '-'

Article 1/9/14, 4:36 PM
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