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Props for doing it, but you're not doing it nearly enough (probably hard if you're the only one doing it). The amount of ad hominem, and hate speech that goes on here is ridiculous. Tried pming some of the "staff" here about several users, after reporting ofc. But nothing happens. http://www.gosugamers.net/members/303830-jetdata Here's an example of extreme racism , xenophobia , hate speech all in 1 user. Tried reporting multiple times and PMd skim about it, but nothing. I started to believe you didn't care and just wanted your comment section/forum to devolve into complete nonsensical discussion. A lot of the blame can be put on the users i guess, for not reporting it. But that's kinda what happens, negativity breeds negativity, needs to be someone to crack down on it. Maybe i expect too much to be able to come here and have a half decent coherent discussion.

Article 7/3/15, 3:52 PM

I see what you mean now. Well, i don't mind them doing this. It should "force" people to be more careful, which is a good thing. Enabling repeated stupidity because you have a safety net, isn't good.

Article 6/28/15, 3:07 PM

... english plz

Article 6/28/15, 3:50 AM

"StarLadder XII Day 2 - Cloud9 and Team Tinker stay in the race" - Then there's a picture of EE and pajkatt, funny.

Article 4/26/15, 12:16 AM

PLAYOFFS --- April 24-26 Playoffs taking place at Dreamhack Bucharest, Romania

Article 3/16/15, 8:23 PM

Damn i first thought this was a smash post cause of amsa, rofl.

Article 3/13/15, 11:10 PM

A lot of people.

Article 3/13/15, 6:44 PM

So you wanna flame anyone who wants to become an entertainer of some kind (yes being a professional gamer is in sense being an entertainer). Any sports player, musician, artist of sorts, who doesn't really contribute to society in a direct way. And this might come as news to you, but the world is becoming more and more automatic and the need for humans working is reduced by the second. What took 20 people 40 years ago to do, now takes 2 people. We're gonna end up with just a small fraction of the population actually working, while the rest is just dicking around doing whatever, i know it's sad, but that's just reality.

Article 2/25/15, 11:29 AM
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