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Was confused when I read this... so I went to the ESL page and it makes WAYY more sense. Top 3 each side makes it to the stadium. 1st in groups gets a BYE to semi, 2nd place vs 3rd place of other group to get to semi. All lower bracket are Bo3 which is at least something. I actually really like this format. The groups are really important here.

Article 1/18/18, 6:01 PM

Both poll options pointing fingers at Valve when he didn't read his visa forms properly... this is completely his own making.

Article 8/1/17, 5:06 PM

IO and I think WK are the only heroes there that I wouldn't buy an arcana for... If this IO meme wins I'm gonna be fairly disappointed.

Article 7/20/16, 6:43 PM

It isn't just Washington tax (which isn't income tax, they have none, it's B&O and some other tax, both of which are fucking miniscule (1.5% or less). Pretty sure they gotta pay a whole load of taxes due to the fact that they trade internationally though.

Article 7/20/16, 11:14 AM

kky is a fantastic carry, sometimes over dives like black^... but he's like my next favourite carry haha. But AUI_2000 was watching old speed gaming with RTZ standing in on offlane and they were shit hot... so I think he could easily take offlane for Secret... I don't know where he'd go in C9... I really like their line up atm... maybe fata? but as was said... seems like too much greed.

Article 12/31/14, 1:27 PM

I kinda wanna know why Speed didn't lose any rating from this :S

Match 1/31/14, 9:37 PM

http://www.twitch.tv/xxelektra Maka's stream is off atm D: you can get an eng stream at the link above.

Match 1/26/14, 10:44 PM

There is a whole back story to why they are there, man... the korean-american, Blitz, went over to join a different team by himself, only to be let down by the very guy who got him to go over there... his friends joined him to basically allow him to still make a go of it. There was no malicious "lets go pwn these noobz for easy cash" thought there... I gotta commend EoT for some really well played dota over the course of the tourny... but I still hope Zephyr take this... sexy bamboe, purge and blitz in a team together... what's not to like? :P Also, I'm liking the exposure SEA and Korean dota is getting right now.

Article 1/26/14, 10:12 PM
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