TM have no reason to match fix any game.. in all of SEA teams TM players have the highest earning in E-sports. mushi - $326,705.73 ohaiyo - $81,249.93 net - $82,199.95 kyxy - $81,441.75 xtinct - $87,792.57 so i kinda agree with Kiroro666 on y xtinct left the team.

Match 11/8/14, 11:55 AM

are you blind? or you just cant read English? 1st = 1000 rares 2nd = 500 rares 3rd = 250 rares 4th/5th = 125 rares you can read it at the upper middle part of every game u click. who's dumb now? also here's what dopeshow said on October 20, 2014. OK let's do this - the top 5 GosuBetters of october get rewarded: 1. place: 1000 rares 2. place 500 rares 3. place 250 rares 4+5. place 125 rares each means i'll be burning through 2k rares once november comes lol :D and: we'll make this a monthly thing until the end of 2014, so you will have the same 'giveaway' for both november and december seasons. but: i really need you guys to promote this for us, so tell your friends to place all the gosubets ;) and I ask again who's dumb now?

Match 10/23/14, 7:59 AM

pinoy vs murica.. both hiding in korean flags.. all in for korea.

Match 6/11/14, 4:54 AM

Steam username : Your Game is Ready Steam Link : Team: Titan Features : Multi-GPU: AMD CrossFire Support

Article 6/5/14, 2:26 PM

wag mo na ipilit ang mineski.. hindi pa sila handa sa TI.. ipilit pa kasi ang mineski parang tanga lang.. ano gusto mong manyari marape sila sa TI? isang malaking kahihiyan nanaman yan sa pilipinas.

Article 6/4/14, 12:16 PM

just want to ask, if I download the replay will I still have a chance to get an item? just got my compendium.

Match 5/17/14, 4:05 PM

arrow might experiment here.. even if they will lose they still qualify..

Match 5/17/14, 11:30 AM

di naman ata.. may baguhan ba sa line up nila?

Match 5/17/14, 10:32 AM