it is because of people like you that the player you support gets punished for. r*t**d... why isnt this name banned? does gosu have any staffs reading posts?

Article 12/4/18, 10:59 AM

just sub him, problem solved. young kids nowadays needs to pay a price for things they say and do on the internet as it affects many others. you might think its a joke where as others may take it seriously, it all depends on the race and tradition within that country, u just gotta respect it. like complexity kicked Skem right away didn't they? those that wants to stand up for him will go down with him (cough grant cough bulldog). the chinese organisers wont care about if you want to boycott or better think twice before you make your public comments. imagine if he gets injured or hurt in the tourney´╝îwho's to blame then? there's always a psycho out there somewhere anywhere in the world.

Article 12/2/18, 1:09 PM

Probably one of the most consistent players in the team, disappointed that he's the first to go. Moogy, Kaka and Sccc has more disappointing performance this year than Kpii. They need to get their acts together and train harder.

Article 9/8/18, 2:42 AM

I don't even get what the fuss is all about. 2 simple facts: 1. If you are good enough then you deserve a direct invite, is there any other team worth a direct invite? No. 2. If you are good enough you win a tournament regardless of how many teams participating. Is there enough non-Chinese teams there to win? Yes. END OF STORY. Ciao

Article 4/30/18, 12:20 AM

Just saying...weed is illegal in more countries than it is legal.. nuf said. Full support to any government that cracks down drugs..especially a psychoactive drug. #saynotodrugs

Article 1/8/18, 2:57 AM

No offence but I think this is not a "Major" anymore? And why is there no news on gosu regarding this?

Article 1/5/18, 2:48 AM

Taking OG and Liquid aside as they are already invited.. what are "you" smoking? Look at the qualifier teams. LOL

Article 6/22/17, 3:41 PM

Yeah i agree that CIS and Europe should duel it out for one of the Europe spots, they are part of Europe arnt they? it makes it quite unfair for all the teams to fight for 1 spot only. Maybe next year Valve should just make a qualifier without region restrictions. The best 18 teams in the world go in for a brawl? lol

Article 6/22/17, 12:40 PM