because he is the man that stands for P(erfect).I(s).(S)hit

Article 11/26/13, 1:18 AM

LOL ok, so alliance gets eliminated its DKs fault? How about the EG throws in order to give alliance a shot? How about sigma and speed that played so well to take alloance's spot? Get over it alliance fans... The top 4 all deserved to be there! Looking forward to tomorrow's playoffs...awesome games incoming~

Article 11/24/13, 9:03 AM

Very interesting games to come Alliance surely the favorites but I'm sensing some huge upsets incoming

Article 10/13/13, 3:29 AM

Gama Bear is a waste of quarter final slot imo.... all the other matches were much more closer and intense and this matchup was definitely the best out of the 4 matchups. Next year maybe send another chinese team in to replace the SEA slot to bring more exciting League games to the fans. bad luck OMG, definitely top 2 potential and Tabe would be blaming himself so hard for drawing them lolz.

Article 9/25/13, 3:32 PM

this deadlock guy is just a full on r**ard so just ignore his comments. anyways even tho I am a DK supporter but I don't think they will take the win this time around. what it matters the most is the experience which they will get out of this. at this stage of time NaVi and Alliance is definitely better than DK, but the MLG experience will be worth more than the $25k that is up for grabs. so best of luck and get as much out of this trip as you can DK~ #roadtoti4

Article 9/24/13, 6:27 AM