• Name Aisen Liu
  • Location Australia
  • Primary game Dota 2

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TI9 will be the best TI by far. Mark my word.

Article 4/26/19, 2:34 AM

well everyone has their own opinions but the VISA issue i guess is the BIGGEST issue taken into consideration here. When do you see a player denied visa into Europe (other than Ukraine from most recent memory which was also fixed before the tournament) and China (other than the racist remark that lead up to Kuku's ban) or even SEA? Fully understand the frustration coming out of NA dota fans but first things first you got to have at least a couple of decent dota teams in order to host the biggest tournament right? Nothing comes into my head other than EG for the last couple of years so I really can't fault Valve for its decisions. Its for the benefit of the esport as a whole as well as the market and the revenue they are going to generate out of it to keep the game going.

Article 4/7/19, 4:48 AM

why u so mad? cause your country is not as good and growing not as fast as china? i smell so much jelly roflmao. loser behind the keyboard.

Article 12/4/18, 7:12 PM

no. banning this account because the holder is a retard who's never being to china in his live and only reads craps from the internet.

Article 12/4/18, 7:08 PM

oops, didnt know that. no wonder...i'm out cya lol

Article 12/4/18, 11:42 AM

lol all of those crying out for valve to react... HAPPY?

Article 12/4/18, 11:05 AM

true that. from someone that lives down under.

Article 12/4/18, 11:05 AM

truth is just sometimes not visible to some people even if you shove it in their face.

Article 12/4/18, 11:02 AM
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