• Name Von Mapa
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

wowch's activity

of course he is not on the same level as other 9k.. coz he is 10k.. so he is a lil bit above em all.. and the dotabuff item build stuff?? have you even watched the game and the games before he reached 10k??? where the f*ck i sur brain>??

Article 6/27/17, 7:10 AM

they placed 7th-8th with team liquid at ti6 not 5th

Article 6/16/17, 11:44 PM

Xyclopz has to minimize the use of the phrase "How is this even possible" he keeps on syaing that in every single match he is casting". Otherwise the shift from being a "MEMER" (as what LODA describes them) to a more serious caster with lots of insights upon the game is doing fine.. not at all great but its still good nonetheless..

Article 2/21/16, 9:01 AM

i think even though fnatic failed to give good results in major an tournaments.. and also being beaten by mineski couple times.. i thionk fnatic has the biggest chance among the 3 teams that you mentioned.. remember they pulled off 1 game from secret, lgd, and the other 1 i forgot before they lost to dc.. which by the way i think they couldve beaten easily if they get to full shape.. this is only based on my POV .. i might be wrong i might be right.. we dont really knowwhats gonna happen

Article 11/11/15, 1:46 PM

dude its fine leave them be.. lets just hope that the teams reppin our country will perform well and make upsets.. nothing is certain in today's dota scene.. GLHF all teams

Article 11/5/15, 9:43 AM

Im a sea doto fanboy always and forever!! Go fnatic!!

Match 10/26/15, 6:45 AM

was this responsible for the lags last night?? xD

Article 6/13/15, 7:25 AM

it has been stated even in mineski.net that there format is ambitious.. to differ themselves from others..

Article 12/1/14, 4:07 AM
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