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NiXtaDaBz's activity

Seems like a hint to S4 return in Alliance, imo.

Article 8/18/15, 10:26 PM

Still you have to admit that both VG and iG will make the road rather hard for Secret (since C9 was eliminated since my comment, it's only about them now). Don't you think ?

Article 8/6/15, 1:48 AM

I can feel your doubt from the other side of the world right now, and it tastes good :) Did you enjoy that BurNIng magina game ? :)

Article 8/6/15, 1:16 AM

Notice how i didn't use a capital i in my sentence ? international events = tournaments with Eastern and Western teams involved International = TI good bye.

Article 8/5/15, 2:18 PM

I think all the oldschool DotA followers are in the same boat (well, at least those who like and value Chinese dota) ;) LGD v EHOME grand finals would be completely crazy.

Article 8/5/15, 6:05 AM

You must very new to DotA if your whole world is limited to Secret, EG and C9. Way to wipe years of Chinese mastery of the game to suit your little fanboy tastes. Time will tell, but don't over commit with your precious EG, or you could very well be VERY disappointed, VERY soon. My 2 cents.

Article 8/5/15, 4:44 AM

You are right, i should have said "at least". iG and VG aren't out of it yet, and those two alone will make the West work hard to earn their place in the top6, that's for sure. EDIT: i don't even know why i wrote "West" as it is only about Secret (oh and C9, but i wouldn't bet anything on them right now).

Article 8/5/15, 3:29 AM

Shots fired :) Anyway, let's not derail this towards Azarnoob (i heard he's currently hiding in North Korea, and he's not worth our time), i'm glad that East is stepping up to the challenge this year, international events were getting quite boring with all those EG / Secret wins as of late. Good dota games requires two good teams.

Article 8/5/15, 3:27 AM
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