• Name cyrus rabino
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Article 9/10/14, 8:27 PM

ez rarez i wish!!!

Article 9/8/14, 1:35 PM

ROTK's kiss of death

Article 12/8/13, 7:19 AM

just reset it! go to your gosubet and reset it!

Match 9/12/13, 3:43 AM

that STATS!!! ez win ez life

Match 9/10/13, 6:10 PM

oh no!!!

Match 9/10/13, 4:08 PM

gogogo MSKI!!!!

Match 9/10/13, 3:02 PM

la na..nagkaumayan na daw e..si RR pinalit!

Match 9/6/13, 2:34 PM
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