• Name Carlo Lagonoy
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

klebitz01's activity

Calm yo tits. whats wrong with saying Pinoy Pride?

Article 10/27/15, 12:20 PM

Hana First Departure's Offlaner is out of the team

Match 1/19/15, 12:36 PM

Branches gagawing random rare?

Match 1/19/15, 12:34 PM

you just feed the troll

Match 11/21/14, 2:31 PM

dude cant even speak korean...

Match 10/12/14, 3:44 PM

The match is BO2

Match 8/5/14, 12:55 PM

Lol racism kaagad?

Match 8/2/14, 1:43 AM

Kappa means JOKE.

Match 7/18/14, 3:16 AM
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