I figured they have to submit them the tournament organizers, but I didn't realize that there was an eight player limit. So, thanks for clarifying. Still, from eight players, MYM should be able to find four who they are able to field.

Article 9/3/06, 9:41 PM

Where are the rosters anyway? Most teams don't put their line-up in the team profile on this site :o Surprised by the bad organizing by MYM, that's usually not their style (well, in other parts of the organization at least). They should be clear on the rules in advance. With so many good players, it really doesn't make sense to only show up with three, only two of which are elegible to play. You would think that they weren't even expecting to play a match - no newsitem has been put up on their website about the match yet. A shame, seeing that S2 finally used their best line-up. lol, it shows every edit? That's silly . . .

Article 9/3/06, 8:47 PM